Meet our Team


Mehran Mesbahi

Faculty champion

Behcet Acikmese

Faculty champion

Kristi Morgansen

Faculty champion

Justin Little

Faculty Technical Lead


Charlie Kelly

Project Manager

Taylor Reynolds

Project Scientist

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
    • Lead: Devan Tormey
    • Ivan Machuca
    • Katherine Williams
    • Arvean Labib
  • Structures, Thermal, and Configuration
    • Lead: Arnela Grebovic
    • 2019 A&A 4th year Capstone: Brian Harr and Ivan Cordero
  • Electrical Power Systems
    • Lead: Jerrold Erickson
    • Ishaan Bhimani
  • Communications
    • Lead: Ellory Freneau
    • James Rosenthal
  • Command and Data Handling
  • Imaging Payload

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